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The last few days….

I took the last dew days to recover from an over zealous exercise routine.  To figure out if I am also really about to have a heart attack.  (I am actually).

Its important to stay healthy.  This meant being a little more honest and not getting too excited about this honesty.   Stress free (read with a longer accent on free so it sort of peters out or echoes).  I did very little in the form of actual translation work.  Puttered around seeing if I could do more to help some friends of mine in/on the translations scene.

Applied to 18 jobs.  Not one has answered me back in any way or form.   Which is just fine.

Did a little on Dungeon of Windaria, ddst-ds, zoids battle coloseum, zoids legend of arcadia, Itadaki street Ds, strees over a particular game which got my heart monitor going so stopped what I was doing and read a book.    Then watched some anime.

I then re-acquainted myself with some compression research.

On the plus side I am starting to see my abs again.  It has been 5 or 6 years since the last time I saw them.  Adversely this doesn’t make me depressed or sad.  It actually makes me hopeful.  I must not be in as bad a shape as I had thought.

I for some reason cannot remember if the sjis in Itadaki can be replaced with double width english or the weird encoded unicode single but really double byte text.  The unicode has to be encoded special.  reverse two byte unicode, with a twist single byte is in there 20 for space is 2000 instead of 0020.  Unlike other single byte encoding it only works with a padding of two zeroes.  So it might make sense that the sjis would also include the two byte english characters.   I’ll have to experiment.  I’m so lazy though.  I have tampered with the utilty.bin file so that the nftr in it can now be used for the strange encoding of this game is included in their too.  Just in case that might help me.

Time to play around with itadaki file structure.

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