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ddst-ds finished the monster names

Like the title says I finished the monster names.  Instead of going back to the help file I thought I would take another crack at the images.  specifically trying to get the place names more graphically correct.  I cannot seem to view the pallete correctly for these graphics.  this has caused them to be bad looking while you play.  Others are of the opinion that if you can tell what they say then what is the problem.  I am bugged by this.  I would like it to look better.

Especially since there is just so many of them.

So my next choice is to continue on with this game or move onto another project for a bit.

As zoids legend of arcadia is getting some support.  I am thinking of doing some more with it.

If I don’t though I will end up working on ddst-ds – the item names and descriptions.  I left off at a specific spot.  I haven’t really touched upon the descriptions yet.

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