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Dreams and walk this morning

Last night the strange dreams continued.  I dreamt I was a demented dentist who pulled teeth and killed kids.  So strange these dreams.  Last month I had one where I was this old man, married living on this nice big (I wanna say farm but it’s not…) piece of land.  Anyways he and his wife have a bed and breakfast.  the crazy part is that they are cannibals and serve their guests their previous guests…  He has this big nice workshop and dismantles the cars and sells the part in the guise of a junkyard specialist,  she takes care of the clothing and personal items by selling them “for the church fundraiser”.  They take care of the bodies to together.  They have this big hidden walk-in freezer where 30+ years of serial killing hides the corpses in various stages of chopped up-ness.  That is not all he also smokes some of the “meat” to give it extra flavour.

Too much detail, well.  This dream has kept coming back.  It usually takes off right from the last place I left it like some paused movie.  I wake up go about my day then wham, when fall asleep it continues.  But interspersed with other dreams of other things every now and then.  So there I was thinking great another strange dream, the one from last night, until I remembered the end…  The dentist is also the old man from the other dream, just younger.

So freaky, so creepy.  Yet I keep dreaming it.  For those who have experience with directive dreaming (may not be proper term).  I have tried over and over to change the dream to something I am more comfortable with.  It just keeps taking over.

Directive dreaming… hmm.  Let me start with meditation.  Meditation has had some great importance in my life.  I credit it as what has kept me alive through the whole heart disease & lung cancer stuff in my life.  Without out it I am pretty sure I would have died A LONG TIME AGO.   So, meditation is good, at least for me, for several things.  If you get into it as much as I have you can learn to control your body to a very finite degree.  Healing that cut ultra fast, keeping my heart from skipping a beat or, eh, stopping.  Re-purposing cancerous lung tissue.  Stopping that allergy headache -as soon as I feel it.  Stuff like that.  Well part of the method to learning how to do this is to learn how to control your very dreams.

All of this is part and parcel of various healing arts.  Those who have experienced rekai will have a small understanding of what I am talking about.  The energy of the universe surrounds us.  It’s there always changing, moving – doing.  We are made up of that energy.  To think that we have no control over it…. to think it has no control over it… both have their merits, but why not both.  If I can send my now dead grandfather a little energy every now and then so that he has (had sorry) a little quality time with my grandmother – unencumbered with Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s then that is the least I can do.  It meant in my case getting sick as that energy really was needed for me.  But a week sick is something I could easily live with.  Now take that same impetus and cause to direct some of the universes energy to more beneficial uses.  In my case I don’t ask for health I ask for clarity in making myself and others healthy.   (see the difference)

close your eyes imagine yourself in a room with one doors and no windows.  The walls are white and the room isn’t really lighted as the light is coming form the walls.   As you sit your body and anything that has to do with it physically or mentally disappears.  Once you have disassociated yourself from your body, you can turn to look at the walls in more detail, (there has to be more detail right?), you find yourself looking at the most relaxing scene you can.  Through the door that opened by itself.  (This part is more of a personal thing).   If this scene is something that cannot exist or happen in real life try to imagine something that can.  As the next step is acquiring this scene in real life.  So you can see if true peace is attainable in real life.   For me it was skydiving at night – that floating/falling feeling.  Nothing like it.

The second step in the next level of meditation is to purposely look at the most nerve-racking terror inducing scene you can dredge up.  Why?  So you can find peace even in turmoil.  Once, so to speak you can find the calm in the storm, you can move to the next level.

For me its the 5th and 6th time I got hit by a car (in this case a big freaking truck and a small red car).  I was hit so hard I flew through the air about 20 feet… (how do I know, well I went back and measured it of course).   I landed on a barb-wire fence.  less than an inch away from me was one nasty branch that would have ended my life had I landed on it instead.  As I feel the wire recoil and feel myself start to fall forward I notice that if I don’t take control the sharp rocks in front of the fence are gonna really hurt (possibly kill me).  I am of course stunned and just manage to stop myself from falling forward all the way.  I reach up to grab something to haul myself up when I grab that same barb-wire fence.  I think my crash into it loosened it as that is when it fell on top of me…  Which by some miracle I only have a very small scar on my leg to show for it.  Wrestling myself from underneath the fence and yelling futile-y for help.  I realize that the truck that hit me didn’t stop.  I make it to the road cross then – I get hit again.  This time by a car going the other way.  I don’t go nearly as far as this car was going up hill.  I do land in the stream beside the road I was just trying to cross to get to my now very destroyed bike.   This car also doesn’t stop.  I am wet, bleeding, and sore in places I didn’t know I could be sore in.  The 45 minutes it took me to get to haul myself out of that stream onto the road and walk to the nearest house was an eternity of pain. I pass out at the house then wake up at the hospital.  They wanna know what happened to me.  Take a lot of x-rays.  Which as luck would have it the only things wrong with me are my ribs, the four stitches from the gash in my leg from the fence, and the loss of blood from walking with a gash in my leg.

I remember all of that in .  (I didn’t see the trucks licence plate and the car must have had it on the back).

I have something else to do now so I will have to do the other levels of meditation I went through later.  Sorry.

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