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today is bright and shiny…

Bright, shiny full of people out enjoying themselves.  I did not enjoy my time outside.  My spring allergies, are in full effect.  That means that when I go outside it is only for some very good reasons.  Today left me almost running home to take some pills for the massive piercing headache, the horrid itchy – inside and out(of me),  and to hide from the light that was making me sick.

Makes me sound like some pasty skinned freaky guy… I don’t care.  I’m not.  I would just rather not be the crabby person being outside right now would make me.

So, today I did a little (very little) work on a couple of translation projects.  The horrid itchiness is driving near insane.

Boyfriends sister “wanna go out?”

Yikes, took all my control to answer politely no thanks.  If they only knew the torture of my allergies.

You see that guy walking down the street, he looks a little uptight, oh wait on a closer look….  hmmpphhh jeez better keep my distance looks like he’s gonna snap at any moment.   THAT IS ME.   I won’t actually snap at you but I might just might ask you to scratch some areas that would be considered rude, (if I did snap).

I tried the bathtub full of calamine lotion once, only felt good for 10 minutes.  Over 300$ literally down the drain.  Strangely not something that was on my lifes to do lists.  well 6 o’clock back to work.

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