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April 29, 2011 Leave a comment

Today I dodged a call from a collector, took a walk to look for work, and worked on Itadaki Street translation stuff.

I decided to take a look at how far I’ve gotten in translating that particular game.  List the files note the ones that need translation, what type of translation, is it done being translated.  This has really helped give me more incentive to work on this.

I have also gained an interest for doing this for all my translation projects.   More goal oriented way of looking at it.  I tried to do this 6 months ago with a seperate project portfolio for every project.  I didn’t quite get to it though as there was just too much to put in.  I just couldn’t concentrate on doing it.

SO… Itadaki… when I get to it, I start either from the bootom of the rom or the top of the rom.  Pick my way up from the last file I worked on that particular area.   I am doing the image editing first as I just can’t figure out which font is actually being used in this game.

The font(s) being used (8by12 size) are in the utility.bin file.  The only other fonts not in that file are not the right size.  Which has me confused as to why any text translations are not showing up correctly.  Eh, (2 hours later) just got “Toad” to finally display correctly.

more some other time.  off to bed.

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Dramatic dungeon & duel love update

April 4, 2011 Leave a comment

taking a break from dramatic dungeon to work on deciphering the container format for Duel love (again)

I have been doing some work on the arm9.bin and the campdata.dat of dramatic dungeon. Just to smooth things out. I lost my previous work for this game and had to redo alot of what I had already done. I am at a loss as to what to do for the lips images as they rely on the conversation and knowledge of the anime. Any ways I am slowly going though the arm9 switching from it to other stuff. (other projects sometimes)

sigh. My boyfriend has/is try/ing to stop smoking. Is interesting cause I asked him to do this well over 8 or 9years ago but his reasoning now – is that he wants to be alive to see how his nephews turn out. Not dead due to smoking. I am trying to be supportive. But every time he looks like he needs support is an argument (my anger at him for having his nephews as the reason not me), just waiting to happen. I know that this will quite easily turn into him smoking again and my being forced to leave out of outright angst. Is it really that hard to include me in your reasoning? Is it really that hard show some respect for me also? there are other issues… love can be blind… but not dumb.

back to the hacking update. I have slowly been working on zoids saga ds dumping editing and re-inserting graphics. My next job for this is getting back to changing its font. Which is mainly in the arm9 for that game. It won’t really be a problem just taking a look at the dissassembly again. tracking in a debugger and rewriting some code. involves changing a command to a goto then writing in what I need then a goto back. or a complete rewrite of certain code and hoping I don’t mash anything in memory (yeah deadbeef).

I am going to have to post my to do lists for my projects – all proper like (huh he). then update their checklists. not tonight though.