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My project hacking and translation update

March 12, 2011 Leave a comment

Update time:

Itadaki street Ds

I found and dumped what I could find of the script.  Largely just a repetition of names and menu stuff – buy sell trade things.  Image wise.  Well the game has custom graphics.  It uses a blend of 3d and 2d that I haven’t seen anywhere else.  The problems so far with translating this game:

custom graphics file system paired with a documented(known) one

reverse encoded sjis and unicode text

my translator not getting back to me

Duel Love

stalled til I figure out the compression used on the script and one other container file



Wizman’s World I can and do have the graphics ready to go.  But script, nope.  Not until I figure out the thread building blocks used to store it.

Dramatic Dungeon Sakura Taisen already have a partial menu hack done.  I want to go back and finish the items, menu, and monsters.  The script/character description can wait.  Graphically there is a lot left to do.

Dungeon of windaria.  Most of the work for this is in the arm9.bin.  Graphically I only have one left to do.

Well, if any programmers who worked on developing these games wanna give some tips…?  That would be appreciated.

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