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“Last Night”

So, I just watched a movie I haven’t seen for over ten years.  “Last Night” with Sandra Oh.  It changed my life.  I was already living like every day could be my last day (I still am).  But this made me re-consider.  I decided to look for and enjoy as much of the pleasures there was to be had…

I had already done pretty much everything I wanted to in life.

You know the movie “bucket list” well I was ahead of that by about a good ten years.   So, one of the last items on the one list is now done.  I have loved with all my heart – someone.

But… I feel a need to do some of the other things on my lists.  That might mean leaving them behind.

To do the one I am going to need to learn more about sculpture, massive earth works, and engineering.

The other things on the list are slowly being worked on.

Back to “Last Night” I bought a poster, and a pin. For ten brief minutes the movie itself in dvd form.  Why only ten minutes well I was robbed.

Watching it today… Brought back memories.  Stirred up feelings, and such.

Which is why I brought up the lists.  The first hundred, all except one, I did in one summer when I was younger.  The second and third lists are still being worked on.

Time to go out and get some stuff.

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